Mission At Weaving Cultures, LLC, we garner the experience and expertise of a wide range of healthcare, social service, and education professionals in order to offer stimulative and practical workshops and seminars with the ultimate aim of improving the respectfulness and effectiveness of care/service delivery to culturally diverse and limited English proficiency populations in the Greater Twin Cities area and beyond. Additionally, we provide interpreting services in over 300 languages and 24/7 service to all states.

Our experience in healthcare, education, human services, law firms, private and non-profit businesses has made us passionate about providing quality services to all clients, vendors, and the LEP population with qualified and trained interpreters. Therefore, we carefully screen our interpreters through training requirements in the profession and language proficiency evaluations to qualify our interpreters and translators.

Vision We strive to enhance each professional's skill set and knowledge base through our workshops. Serving varied scopes, including healthcare, the legal sector, social services, and education, we ensure a capable, engaged, and respectful delivery of services to support a satisfying outcome by bridging language and culture.

Value We are in business to support our language professionals to advance, enhance and deliver their best every time they use their language skills. Our applied experience and expertise allow us to provide quality support. We value our interpreters' and translators' work and demonstrate this with transparency and communication through training, education, and providing vital, practical tools.



 Who We Are & What We Do


We are passionate, motivated individuals with 20+combined years of working primarily in healthcare, legal, and educational settings with culturally diverse populations and families with limited English proficiency (LEP). In our professional journeys, we have accrued great experience in providing respectful and effective services across languages and cultures.


Through this venture, our goal is to provide learning opportunities to other professionals serving LEP and immigrant/refugee populations, bringing various skill sets and knowledge bases to light through a series of lectures and workshops led by professionals from all areas and aspects of care.


Aside from our many 40-hour interpreting training over the years, we are proud to offer the very service we train for, quality interpreting and translating services to hospitals, clinics, law firms, and school districts. We believe in trainable, reliable professionals who consistently deliver on time. Therefore, we only work with the best language professionals in the state who are trained and continue to be active in the field through professional training and certifications.


Throughout the year, we offer dynamic professional workshops addressing a wide range of topics related to providing care/services across languages and cultures.


Some workshops provided are culture or language-specific, while others focus on a broader topic or skill set applicable regardless of the population at hand. In addition, some have a specific audience in mind (i.e., interpreters, healthcare providers, social services, legal interpreting, and ethics or educational professionals). In contrast, others provide content appropriate for a mixed audience.


Depending on the topic, workshops are half-day, full-day, or 2-day and may be eligible for continuing education credits.