2014 Interpreting and Mental Health Workshop

What is the Interpreting and Mental Health Workshop?

This workshop offers a detailed discussion on Hmong mental health and treatment. 
Culturally-specific language that captures the suffering of those with mental illness is shared to gain insight into positive outcomes. 
Attendees acquire a deeper understanding of the Hmong’s view on physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. 

Attendees also participate in reflective activities aimed at fostering transformative learning that enhances care-giving practices.  Because health is often linked with the possibility of death, especially in medical settings, this workshop also covers Hmong views on death and dying. Suggestions on how providers can address this topic in a culturally-sensitive and ethically-responsible way is provided.

Meet The Presenter!


Dr. Alyssa Kaying Vang, psyd, lp is the first hmong-speaking licensed psychologist in minnesota. She has both a masters and a doctoral degree in clinical psychology with a focused track in cross-cultural psychology. Dr. Vang has been treating individuals with a broad range of mental disorders for almost 20 years. She has treated clients in various settings including a correctional facility, community clinic, crisis center, school-based agencies, inpatient hospital, and outpatient hospital. She is currently in private practice where she sees clients from all ethnic backgrounds and all age groups.

Dr. Vang has specialized training in trauma-specific treatment. Her overall treatment approach centers around trauma-informed care. Dr. Vang also has specialized training in infant and early childhood mental health, as well as expertise in treating hmong children and immigrant/refugee populations. She serves as a consultant to the community and to various agencies regarding culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed, and developmentally-appropriate care.

What the Participants Think

” I attended the Interpreting and Mental Health workshop this past Sat. and am so please that I took the class, I learned tremendously and I now know I would need to learn Vietnamese mental health terminology better. It is crucial to know the different meaning/illnesses of each one clearly. I am hoping I will received the power points from the lecture by email soon. Today I am searching on-line to learn more . I can’t thank you enough for having this class, your compassion to have a seamless collaborating between interpreter and provider is highly commendable.” Best Regards, LoAn